When finishing a modern house or flat, sooner or later most of us are always faced with the choice of interior window sills – unless we entrust this activity to a developer 😉 We usually decide on granite or conglomerate window sills. But why not opt for a solution that is still not popular in our country, but will make your interior not only stand out, but will gain a unique charm?

We are, of course, talking about wooden window sills made of epoxy resin. Wood is a warm, timeless material and thanks to its versatility, it works perfectly both in classic and modern style, giving the interior a cosy character. The addition of epoxy resin will give the windowsill an electrifying visual effect. With the use of appropriate dyes for the resin and additives, it can give the impression of glittering and shimmering effect.

What kind of wood do we use? We usually make our window sills from oak wood, however we can also use other types of wood, for example ash wood. Why oak? Mainly because of its strength.

If you are looking for original, unique and non-standard solutions and products for your interior, wooden window sills with epoxy resin are definitely the ideal solution to your needs.

Why? Here are some of its advantages:

  • Modern design. It is a niche product and still unpopular in our market. Stand out!
  • Durability. The combination of oak wood with an additional protective layer of resin makes the window sill more durable;
  • Huge choice of pigments. You can choose any colour from a wide colour palette. What’s more, by using the right saturation as well as additives, you can achieve an effect far more advanced than a pure, solid colour.
  • Uniqueness. No two pieces of wood have the same grain. This guarantees that your window sill is unique and that you won’t find another one like it.

We take a 100% individual approach to every order. All window sills are made to a specific size and according to your preferences as to the appearance, indentations or type of varnish.

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