A wooden table with epoxy resin gives unique character to the room in which it will be placed. These types of wooden tables fit perfectly into a living room, dining room, office, conference room or private study. The resin, which in combination with an appropriate pigment tightly fills all cavities in the wood thus creating a real work of art.

The wood can also be combined with transparent or “glowing” resin, which creates a phenomenal visual effect and your table will become an attraction for your guests that will intrigue everyone who sits at it. What’s more, this is a great solution if you are looking for a unique product that is one of a kind – due to the unique grain of the wood, there is no other wood created in the same way.

What kind of tables do we make? Below you will find the most common types, but in fact, we make ANY type of table, depending on your requirements. All tables can be either 100% wood or made with resin.

Wooden meeting/conference room tables

Modern conference tables are usually long. The top of such a table is often several metres long. A long, natural wooden plank with irregular edges filled with epoxy resin, from which the top is made (often in a way resembling a river) will surely be an amazing product in your office, conference room or study. Modern technology of manual production combined with natural wood will make a great impression on your contractors and guests who will sit at this type of table.

Contemporary wooden desks

These desks can be foldable or not, they can be set on wooden or metal legs, they can be made with or without drawers and be solid. The desks are made of 100% solid wood (uniform) or the top can be more natural and made with epoxy resin – it all depends on your expectations.

River tables with epoxy resin

Beautiful, eye-catching natural wood tables with an epoxy resin infill, dyed to your chosen colour. Using a long plank of natural wood, usually irregularly shaped, a so-called “flowing river effect” is achieved. These boards often contain bark fragments, which gives them an additional charm and emphasizes their natural character. The boards can be laid out in different configurations (depending on your preference), the colour of the pigment (resin) is also up to you.

All tables are made 100% by hand in our private joinery workshop.