Who among us wouldn’t want a beautiful, made to measure wooden worktop in your modern kitchen? You will be able to feel 100% of nature every time you touch it.

We are in the business of handcrafting oak kitchen worktops. Carpentry is our passion and we approach each order individually with the highest attention to detail. All our countertops are made to strictly specified dimensions – we assure you that your countertop will be unique!

Choose natural beauty

A properly decorated kitchen is the showpiece of every home. Nothing adds to its charm like a natural, solid, beautifully grained, oak kitchen worktop. It is the best solution for warming up any room, which additionally will go well with almost any colour of cabinets.

Tabletops made of solid oak wood are a combination of nature and modernity. Thanks to their colours, style and quality of finish, they will bring a warm and natural atmosphere into your room. They work well both in traditional and Scandinavian kitchens as well as in the loft or rustic kitchens.

Solid wood is a guarantee of a natural effect. The visible wood structure, which is unique (there is no other wood with the same grain), will give the interior a unique and cosy character. What is more, for many people this form looks much better. Wooden worktops go perfectly with other wooden furnishings, such as window frames, flooring (parquet, board), cabinets, wooden furniture or doors. Wood fashion never goes out of style and probably never will!

Individual approach

We approach each order with energy, enthusiasm and exceptional attention to detail. It is you who decide on the shape of the worktop, its finishing, cutting it to specific dimensions or cutting holes in it, e.g. for a sink.

We encourage you to view a gallery of photographs of our projects. New photos will appear systematically as more projects are realized. If you are interested in a selected product, please indicate the name of the photograph (or a link to it) when contacting us. You may also send us a photo from the Internet.

All countertops/worktops are 100% handmade and made to individual measurements. We deliver our goods individually in the whole country (Poland) as well as within Europe. There is also the possibility of shipping by courier, both within the country and abroad.

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