Are you furnishing a restaurant or a café? You’re probably looking for unique wooden tables that will fit in perfectly with the interior of your establishment. So why not opt for nature? A 100% natural material, such as wood, will give your café, restaurant or patisserie/cake shop a unique, elegant and modern style.

Our products suit various types of premises: cafes, restaurants, bars or confectioneries. They will prove useful wherever there will be a relaxation area with coffee, a place to eat your cakes or dishes from the restaurant. Our offer is aimed at demanding customers who expect the table to be highly durable, elegant and aesthetically pleasing, with attention paid to the smallest details.

By choosing wooden tables, you are choosing a modern design, quality and durability. What’s more, each table is made individually, so the end product is unique – there is no other wood with the same grain. It is worth betting on nature and thanks to this it will give your interior charm, climate and scent (yes, wooden tables smell exceptionally!) They are perfect for small rooms where classic, mass-produced tables are too big.

Our tables can be of any shape: round, rectangular, extendable or not. They can be set on one, two or four legs. The legs can be wooden or metal – straight or in a “U” or “V” shape – we adapt to your requirements.

We approach each order individually. All products are made to individual measurements and by hand in our carpenter’s workshop, with the highest attention to detail. We do not make so-called “mass products” sold in supermarkets – this is real, craftwork which gives us great satisfaction.