During the production of, for example, tables or wooden table tops, it often happens that we have a lot of wood left over, the so-called waste. Most of them are really solid pieces of wood, which can be reused in other projects.

As we strive to live in harmony with nature, we try to use every raw material to the maximum. Therefore, below we present you our products, which we have made to order for our customers. For some of them, we actually used wood that was leftover from other projects (e.g. flowerbed) and for others (e.g. garden table) we had to work harder using ‘fresh’ material 🙂

We have considerable experience in the carpentry industry. At your request, we can make almost anything related to wood. Below you will find selected examples of our projects. Of course, this is an exemplary list, we are not limited only to the mentioned products and we approach each order individually.

  • Cutting boards of beech wood;
  • Wooden shelves and trays;
  • Bench seat; (During this realisation we restored an old oak threshold, where one of the sides, damaged by the test of time, was filled with epoxy resin and the whole covered with clear varnish)
  • Oak benches;
  • Flowerbeds;
  • Spruce garden table; (The table was stained and then coated with furniture varnish. So far, the client has been sending us photos of family gatherings taking place at the table 🙂 )

What’s more, we also managed to restore the base of a sewing machine! We made the top from walnut, which combined with epoxy resin and transparent pigment gave a phenomenal end result. Everything was varnished and polished.

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