If you are looking for solid, wooden (oak) stair treads (oak treads) and classing with a riser, made to measure to your individual order, we encourage you to take a look at our offer.

We offer a wide range of oak treads. We can make them to any size, in any number of pieces and also from any species and type of wood. We are pleased to produce for you wooden (oak) treads for steel constructions, which are characterised by being “nice” and “clean”. Due to the fact that in this case (treads for steel constructions) the left side of the step/tread is visible – they have no visible knots.

An oak tread – or simply step tread, is a high-quality wooden material, often glued, made of solid wood (e.g. oak), which is used when laying stairs. They are also commonly referred to as stair treads or stair steps. It is on this tread (step) that we stand.

Less frequently, but from time to time, we make wooden (oak) steps to cover concrete, resembling triangles.

It is possible to order the raw steps (treads), which are unvarnished, but on your request we can dye them in any colour from the stain palette and then varnish them.

Take a look at the gallery below – these are not all the products we have made – there were many more!

If you are interested in our offer, we strongly encourage you to contact us via the contact form or calling directly. Details can be found HERE.