Who of us would not want to have a modern, made of 100% solid wood oak table in their home, flat, office or study, made to individual order by a professional carpenter? This type of solution will make you work, eat or relax at oak tables of our production and you will have a guarantee that it is a unique product and you will not find another one like it!

The high quality and strength of oak wood makes them extremely durable and resistant (provided we take proper care of them) to external factors. Oak tables are heavy. This is due to the type of wood – 100% solid oak wood will weigh a lot, but at the same time this has an impact on the stability and strength of the tables.

Oak dining and kitchen tables

Our products are a unique combination of traditional furniture making with a new, modern style that is perfect for contemporary homes, flats or offices.

Durability combined with the original look and their uniqueness (you will not find another wood with the same grain) makes no one pass indifferently by such products. In addition, their weight makes them stable and therefore safe for use.

Oak tables for living room and study

The table is undoubtedly, one of the most important pieces of furniture in our place of work or in our residence. We hold family, friends or business meetings at it. What material it is made of will certainly impress the person(s) you welcome with it.

The natural raw material, which is undoubtedly oak wood, is perfect for modern living rooms or tastefully furnished offices. Our products are both aesthetic and functional, thanks to which our places of work or rest will gain a completely new character.

What’s more, by choosing to make an oak table, you are buying a solid product that will last for years. We all know that solid wood is famous for its durability, so a table made of such a raw material will please the eye for years, still retaining its beauty and unique design.

Individual approach to an order

Due to the fact that we produce our tables (as well as other products) by hand (in our private carpenter’s workshop) according to your individual order, we offer a wide range of product customization. The oak tables we offer you can be on either wooden legs or metal legs.

Oak tables can be either rectangular (square) or round. They can be extendable as well as uniform. They can be made of 100% oak wood as well as they can be complemented with epoxy resin. The style can be modern as well as traditional or retro.

We encourage you to view a gallery of photographs of projects we made for our customers. If you are interested in a selected product, please indicate the name of the photo (or a link to it) when contacting us.

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