Those looking for worktops for their newly fitted kitchen usually have three choices:

  • granite worktops;
  • traditional, 100% solid wood worktops;
  • laminated worktops, made of wood-like material;

Of course, the choice of the final material depends mostly on your budget. The first two solutions are definitely the most elegant, but also the most expensive. If you are looking for a table top that is EXCLUSIVE, UNIQUE and MODERN, then a wooden table top with epoxy resin is the answer to your needs.

This is a relatively new product, which is still not very popular, but it will allow you to stand out and your kitchen will arouse the admiration of everyone who enters it.

Why resin kitchen worktop?

Resin is a plastic (synthetic) material, which thanks to its advantages is widely used. After hardening resin becomes insoluble and cannot be melted, thanks to which it becomes an extremely durable material, resistant to mechanical and chemical damage. The hardness of resin kitchen worktops can be compared to granite worktops, thanks to which they can be used not only in kitchens, but also in catering facilities, company kitchens or even in laboratories.

Resin forms a perfectly flat structure in which no joints, swells or delaminations are visible. For this reason, all kitchen worktops (and more) made from resin have low permeability, high heat resistance and chemical resistance.

Another advantage of epoxy resin kitchen worktops is their low water absorption, the ease with which harmful substances can be removed from its surface and its electrostatic neutrality and lack of electrical conductivity, which ensures a long life for the material.

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