There is probably no one who does not like the combination of nature with modern design. The beauty of natural oak or walnut wood combined with the addition of epoxy resin, coloured with high-quality pigments, which fills all cracks, gaps and other imperfections in a piece of wood. All this makes the epoxy resin coffee tables that we have in our offer an exclusive product that will give new life and completely change your interior.

All coffee tables are made to individual order and to your size. We can make solid wood coffee tables of any shape. The top can be rectangular, square or round. The legs can be either wooden (made of the same material) or metal – it all depends on your vision.

The natural raw material, grain and cracks combined with an interesting, modern design are perfect for both a small café and a private flat.

Our tables are usually made of wood:

  • oak;
  • walnut;
  • cherry;

Should the addition of epoxy resin not be of interest to you, we can of course make worktops from “pure” wood, but without the addition of resin.

In the gallery below you will find coffee tables (most are wooden with epoxy resin) that we have made for our clients. We encourage you to take a look at the gallery of our realisations and in case a selected product has caught your attention, please provide the name of the photograph (or a link to it) when contacting us.

Below you will find some technical details of the following realisations.

  • The tops of both tables are made of walnut combined with epoxy resin. They are set on metal frames in white or black (depending on the model).
  • The colour of the pigments that were used: purple and black. The black was made using high saturation, in order to achieve the so-called “tar effect”.
  • Dimensions:
    • Diameter: 50-60 cm
    • Height: 49-50 cm
    • Countertop thickness: 35-40 mm
  • The surfaces of both tables have been coated in matt or semi-matt lacquer.

Of course, the above dimensions are for the following selected realisations. Our offer of coffee tables is fully customised, so if you wish other dimensions or top shapes – it is no problem for us.

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