In recent years, a trend is becoming more and more noticeable, where, when looking for a bathroom countertop, one resigns from granite in favour of NATURE – i.e. wood. What is more, people looking for an original way to finish the interior of their bathroom often choose wooden bathroom countertops made with epoxy resin.

Why epoxy resin?

Primarily because of the appearance and modern design. Epoxy resin is the perfect choice wherever you want to keep the character of wood as raw and natural as possible. It will give your bathroom a charming and unique character.

With the right dyes, you can create true works of art that will wow your guests. You can play with colours, shades, give them a shine or, with a transparent filling, look inside the wood. What’s more, with the use of special powders you can achieve a streaky resin effect (examples can be found in the gallery below).

The resin provides protection for the wood against moisture – you don’t have to worry that the wood will start to mould if a little water or steam gets on it. In addition, it forms a special coating that is extremely resistant to abrasion or mechanical damage.

What effect can you achieve?

To put it briefly – amazing. We encourage you to browse through the following gallery of our projects.

The wood we usually use is cherry or walnut. The surfaces of the countertops are varnished to a high gloss (with the varnish of a respected Austrian company Adler) and then polished. The countertops are of course cut to size and the necessary holes are drilled, e.g. for a sink or a faucet.

We approach each order individually, we will be happy to meet all your requirements and deliver the product straight to your door. All our worktops are made in 100% by hand.

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