We create our products in harmony with nature, combining tradition with innovation, using classic raw material, industrial elements and epoxy resin.

“URBANSKI DESIGN” is handmade, high-quality wooden furniture that combines the rawness and modernity of resin with the warmth of wood. We are passionate about knots, cracks and interesting grain because it makes each piece of wood unique. We are passionate artisanal – we bring out the beauty in every piece of wood.

We manufacture high quality wooden furniture and wooden elements made of wood: oak, cherry, walnut, ash and many others. We make both complex wooden furniture and its elements such as tops, shelves and legs.

NATURAL MATERIALS – wood, which is a timeless, beautiful and durable material. Each piece of wood is unique so there will never be two identical table tops. Ordering our products you can be sure, that you will become an owner of a unique, tailor-made piece of furniture. And this is the magic of wood!

We transform all wood imperfections into unique products, or as one of our customers said – into real works of art.
We are not afraid of challenges and unusual expectations!

Apart from furniture entirely made of wood, we also make coffee tables, which thanks to the use of epoxy resin will give a unique character to all interiors - both private and service ones, like e.g. cafes.

We are a manufacturer of EXCEPTIONAL furniture, tables, table tops and wooden shelves, which we offer ON ORDER and in individual dimensions, taking into account all your preferences.

We analyse your needs, obtain suitable raw materials and materials and deliver finished, unique piece of furniture to your address. We are not afraid of any orders – the only limit is your imagination. We are craftsmen and enthusiasts so every order gives us great joy.

We are proud of our wood worktops with epoxy resin. We have made plenty of them and each such product is unique and unrepeatable.

We know what materials we should use in order to meet your expectations and to enjoy the unusual, exceptional and unique look of your countertop in your living room, your company office or your business premises.

What type of wood do we use?

In fact, it depends on your preferences. We focus on making our products solid, unique, dignified, beautiful and above all useful. Guided by this, our carpentry experience allows us to select the highest quality woods such as:

  • oak;
  • walnut wood;
  • ash;
  • poplar;
How do we colour the resin?

We specialise in living edge, river tables made from epoxy resin. We use two types of pigments to give the final colour to our resin:

  • Pearl pigments, of which the characteristic is a great depth of colour. Depending on the light and the angle from which you look, the colours change, shimmer and become alive.

    Below you can see an example of a realisation using this type of pigment.
Purple pearl pigment was used to make a coffee table with the addition of epoxy resin.
  • Transparent pigments. They are used for the clear colouring of resin. They do not inhibit the transparency of the resin and the amount of added pigment can be regulated by the degree of colour saturation.

    The photo below shows the practical use of this type of pigment in our products.
Green transparent pigment used to make a wooden countertop for a bathroom.

There are many additional treatments to increase the originality of your tabletop. The most commonly used by us are:

  • fluorescent powder;
  • glitter;
  • flakes;
  • pebbles;
  • dried vegetables;
  • plants;

If you are interested in our services, please feel free to contact us.